CCM Jetspeed Control


SKU: 18085854

The CCM Jetspeed Control intermediate hockey sticks offer exclusive performance features not seen on comparable sticks. The Jetspeed Control is based on the CCM Jetspeed 370 stick. The Control features a hybrid kick point, improved geometry and an improved blade. The improved shape provides a unique combination of comfort and control while the blade achieves a perfect blend of weight and feel.

The shaft of the Jetspeed Control uses a T-Geometry which features slightly squared corners with a convex top and bottom and concave sides to add control. The shaft also features a hybrid kickpoint. This kickpoint is new with the Jetspeed line and allows for greater power and increased speed by combining a soft taper zone and and upper shaft with a stiff section below the hands. As an exclusive feature, the Jetspeed Control comes with a Superfast Grip application to keep the stick from shifting or rolling in your hands.

Moving away from the shaft of the stick, the Jetspeed Control features a JS3 blade. This construction features multiple channels running through the interior of the blade in order to provide precision and consistency throughout. Another upgrade of the Control is the addition of the 12K carbon weave on the blade. This weave wraps around the JS3 blade to provide a dampening effect to increase feel and add durability.

The Source Exclusive features on the Jetspeed Control are the addition of a Superfast Grip, upgraded 12K carbon weave on the blade, and a chrome Jetspeed logo on the shaft.

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