CCM Jetspeed Control

CCM Jetspeed Control

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Building on the successful QuickLite line, the CCM Jetspeed Control Senior elbow pads offer excellent lightweight mobility without sacrificing protection.

When looking closer at the protection, the Jetspeed Contol features a 3 Piece Design with Dry Foam Liner. Having 3 separate pieces attached in unison to your arm creates a level of mobility unseen in the past.

The Forearm protection offers molded polyurethane foam with extended coverage.The elbow cap of the Control features a JDP inspired PE cap that redirects the impact around the joint with a great fit.

The improved strapping system features an Anatomical Neoprene middle strap along with a Nylon forearm strap. These straps combined with the Bicep strap, create a locked in fit to your body.