CCM Jetspeed FT1

CCM Jetspeed FT1

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The CCM FT1 Senior Pant was developed to be lightweight and improve on its predecessor, the CCM QuickLite line. The new construction focuses on freedom of movement with increased protection.

When looking closer at the construction, the Jetspeed FT1 has added Textured Polyester and side panel reinforcement to reduce weight and increase durability.

As far as protection is concerned, significant advancements in key areas were addressed. The Thigh Guards offer molded HD + PE Foam, the Hips / Kidneys feature molded PE Caps and the Back Protection has a floating RocketFrame composite cap. When you add these three pieces together, CCM has brought one protective pant to the table.

When talking about comfort, the Thigh Guards mentioned above have zippers for added mobility, the Hips / Kidneys have vented zones for breathability and the RocketFrame composite in the Hips / Kidneys is so light you won?t even know its there protecting you. This Jetspeed Pant also comes stock with a DryFoam Technology, which is a soft eliminated water repellent liner. This will allow the pant to absorb less water, keep the user drier longer and keep the product lightweight.

With the boxes for protection and comfort checked off, the customizable fit features should check off that last oh so important fit box, going 3 for 3. The internal belt system keeps combined with the skate lace draw string keeps the pant in place no matter the situation. The hidden 1? length adjustment ensures you have no gap between the top of your Shin Pad and bottom of your Pant. Lastly the Tapered fit design keeps the pant flush to your body, optimizing protection.

Overall, the CCM FT1 is the perfect combination of maximum protection with the least weight possible. Loaded with features, this pant is worth all the hype it is getting at the professional level, and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an extra advantage while flying down the ice.