CCM Quick Lite


SKU: 16076320

The CCM Quicklite protective equipment comes from an evolution of the successful RBZ line. The Quicklite line was developed to keep the same fit and lightweight feel while upgrading protection with Zotefoam technology and molded PE.

The Quicklite shoulder pads feature a Zotefoam base comprised of closed cell foam to reduce high energy impacts along with Ventshield technology to improve breathability and promote airflow to your body. The sternum pad features a rigid molded PE piece with a neck comfort pad to provide an adaptable and protective fit. Around the back, the spinal protection is made up of molded HD foam with a PE insert for rigidity.

The shoulder caps are made with a UFoam construction that offer EVA and EPP coverage to provide lightweight foam protection. Adjustable bicep guards provide a customizable fit for each player and made up a molded high density foam for elite coverage at all angles. Additional high density foam clavicle coverage is also provided.

 To finish the pad, a molded dry foam technology liner features a closed cell foam to absorb less sweat keeping you dry and the shoulder pad at a minimal weight.

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