CCM Quick Lite Control '16


SKU: 16076814

The CCM Quicklite Control line of Source Exclusive equipment is based on the 270 model featuring enhancements from the 290 to offer great value. These upgrades, including extra padding, strategic lining, and more, work together to step up your protection and comfort on the ice. CCM’s Quicklite Control gear. Available only at Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.


  • Construction: Molded Dryfoam Technology - Closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat to keep the player dry and the product lightweight.

  • Caps: Molded Low Profile PE Cap - Lightweight and high level of protection.

  • Torso: EVA Molded Vented Front and Back Base - Improved breathability and lightweight feel.

  • Bicep: Adjustable Molded PE Cap - Customizable elite protection.

  • Sternum: PE Anatomical Molded PE With Neck Comfort - Maximum protection.


  • Ventshield

  • 290 CCM logo

  • Shoulder cap coverage

  • Removable belly pad

  • Bicep of 290

  • Chrome logos 

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