CCM Quick Lite Youth


SKU: 16076329

The Quicklite line from CCM is an evolution of the successful RBZ protective line. Designed to keep the same fit and lightweight feel of the RBZ line, the Quicklite gear adds on by incorporating Ventshield technology and Zotefoam protection.

The three-piece design offers improved mobility and a DryFoam technology liner features a closed-cell foam that is designed to absorb less water and sweat to maintain a lightweight feel throughout the game. An improved dome shaped PE elbow cap redirects impacts around the elbow joint with a construction inspired by JDP. Both the bicep guard and forearm protection features a high density foam along with Zotefoam protection. This offers professional level protection with a lightweight edge.

Zotefoam produces closed cell cross-linked foams found in many industries including marine and aerospace. It provides an extremely lightweight and strong material that resists water from its closed cell construction. As well, the bicep guard features Ventshield technology which provides an engineered plastic that allows for improved breathability and an optimized weight.

To fasten to the arm, the Quicklite utilizes a three strap system for enhanced comfort and a fully customizable fit. The middle lock strap secures the fit on the upper forearm and two additional lycra and elastic straps hold the forearm and bicep protection close to the body. For the ultimate in feel and lightweight protection, the CCM Quicklite is your ideal choice.

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