CCM RBZ Revolution Grip


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SKU: 16077833

The RBZ Revolution takes from the existing RBZ lineup from CCM and adds technology not seen in the hockey stick industry to date. CCM works closely with Taylor Made as they have in the past to bring a faceplate technology into the RBZ line to increase shooting performance, speed and power.

The faceplate technology from CCM features a power alloy and new structure which increases the coefficient of restitution (C.O.R.) in the blade. The power alloy works in the same way as the faceplate in a Taylor Made driver to add strength and stability in the blade providing a ‘hotter’ face which maximizes power. The coefficient of restitution is a coefficient beside the variable which determines how fast the stick and blade return to the normal resting position after the stick has been loaded. A high number essentially results in a quicker and harder shot by allowing the puck to fire off the blade faster. The shaft of the stick has also been tweaked from past models to include Technora fiber reinforcement which increases the durability of the shaft without compromising performance or feel.

Moving down the shaft, a powerhosel 2 taper system uses a longer shaft which sits deeper towards the heel of the blade to provide a more efficient energy transfer through the stick. Keeping with the traditional custom flex point of the RBZ line, the Revolution offers a constant kick point which flexes where the player’s bottom hand is placed to offer maximum power and response for any type of shot.

Elevate your game to the limits with the CCM RBZ Revolution! 

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