CCM Ribcor 50K


SKU: 17080254

The CCM Ribcor 50K Youth skates feature a high performance quarter package with a durable and comfortable boot, able to perform at any level. The 50K Youth skates feature a stiff, synthetic and embossed quarter package with the skate graphic as the junior and senior models and just enough stiffness to transfer all of your kid’s power to his stride. An injected plastic outsole resists torsion as they stride and a fused SpeedBlade pro holder and steel combo help provide long last and a consistent edge for sharpening.

The lining of the boot is a heavy duty microfiber, excellent for wicking moisture away from the foot to keep them cool and comfortable. Working alongside this, comfort foam in heel and ankle areas mold to the foot for snug fit. The Ribcor 50K Youth skates are able to take whatever they throw at them and keep performing all season.

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