CCM Ribcor 65K


SKU: 180865480022

The CCM Ribcor 65K Intermediate hockey stick features the enhanced PopMatrix and the X-Flow technologies in the shaft, bringing a high quality stick with long lasting durability. The PopMatrix Technology brings the newly re-engineered Ribcor geometry that allows for an easier energy transfer from shaft to blade and an increased release speed. The X-Flow technology is used when producing the stick to eliminate excess resin and voids, improving shaft quality and durability as well as reducing the stick's weight.

The 65K features the trusted Ribcor low kick point, providing an ultra-quick release from the bottom end of the stick and an optimized flex ratio to allow for ease of loading.

The blade on the Ribcor 65K is the Ascent Blade 2 with a tactile surface, offering reinforced heel and toe areas for heightened puck feel, and the C6 blade using a carbon fiber weave to provide stiffness and strength for consistency over the life of the blade.

The 65K also features the new intermediate design with rounded corners and concave sides for better control and comfort.

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