CCM Ribcor Titanium


SKU: 17081389

The CCM Ribcor Titanium is a Source for Sports exclusive model that is based on the CCM 44K skate. CCM adds upgrades to skate from higher models to add performance increasing the value and setting you apart. Features such as improved print on the outsole and a lower liner print from the 50K also add unique visual upgrades. Coming over from Reebok, the Ribcor line offers increased range of motion and added flexibility from its predecessor with a sleek blacked-out look. The Titanium features a RIBCOR FLEX quarter package with an injected surlyn midsole. This quarter package offers excellent stability and while providing specific flex points to increase power in your stride. As well a 3.9mm HD foam core further reduces weight while keeping the integrity of the boot solid. Another upgrade is the 10mm white felt tongue with EVA foam that has been beefed up to better protect the foot from the laces.

Fastening the boot to the holder, an injected vented outsole better drying and helps increase the power transfer to the ice to reduce energy lost. A SpeedBlade holder provides 4mm of extra height from the ice to allow for up to 10% greater turning radius for a more aggressive angle of attack and the SpeedBlade Black steel that comes standard on the Ribcor 50K and 48K has been added to the Titanium to provide long term performance as well as hold a lasting edge longer. To finish the skate, a lightweight dual-zone tricot liner provides excellent comfort and good moisture wicking to keep you cool and comfortable all game.

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