CCM Ribcor Titanium


SKU: 18087861


  • Based on the CCM Ribcor 65K hockey stick


  • 12K Weave on blade
  • Chrome accents
  • AI9 Grip

Titanium is known to be a hard, yet light metal. This is echoed in the 2018 Source Exclusive CCM Ribcor Titanium as it maintains a lightweight for superior control, while allowing a player to take strong, hard shots. Based off the Ribcor 65K model with upgrades selected by CCM and Source For Sports, the Ribcor Titanium will help put impressive power in each and every shot.

That Signature Rapid Ribcor Release

The Ribcor Titanium, like other models in the Ribcor line, has a low kick point. Easily loaded, the low kick point allows for players to store plenty of energy at the base of the hockey stick for a build up into a speedy and powerful release.

A More Durable Stick From Blade To Handle

With the X-Flow Technology of the CCM Ribcor 65K model, the shaft of the Source Exclusive CCM Ribcor Titanium has more compact fibres, leading to increased strength and a lighter weight overall. In addition to this technology, the rigid Ascent Blade 2 has an exclusive 12K weave upgrade, meaning even more durability to receive crisp passes, take hard slap shots, and withstand tough impacts during each game.

It’s The Little Things

Lastly, sometimes the little details can make a big difference when it comes to your hockey equipment. The CCM Ribcor Titanium hockey stick is equipped with an improved AI9 grip for added control and comfort, as well as chrome accents to keep you shining on the ice. With improved control and style, you’ll look even better on every shift.

Overall, the Source Exclusive CCM Ribcor Titanium for 2018 is another solid hockey stick from CCM and Source For Sports.

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