CCM Super Tacks


SKU: 17081107

The CCM Super Tacks pants are designed to be a highly protective and customizable pant. They offer a length adjustment feature and utilize the innovative D30 smart foam that has been engineered to react with fluctuating intensities.

This smart foam will keep a soft consistency to absorb low impacts then immediately harden at high intensities to protect you from the bigger hits. The fit of the Super Tacks pants was modeled after one of CCM's best-selling lines.

A 400-denier nylon exterior with reinforced side panels reduces the overall weight while optimizing durability by adding additional material only in the main wear and tear locations. A foam-padded external belt hides a length adjusting zipper which enables the pants to increase in length by 1" for taller players out there.

In addition to the external belt, a padded internal belt system provides a better, more secure fit on the hips. The Super Tacks feature JDP hip caps which use a renowned shape to disperse impacts away from the hip joint. These caps are also liner with D3O smart material to provide a pro level of protection. D3O smart material is also featured in the adjustable HD floating spine protector to again aid in impact dispersion.

Moving down into the thighs of the pant, the Super Tacks feature molded HD and PE foams to provide a barrier of protection for your legs. The pants are topped off with leg zippers along the inseams and a lace tie at the front to fully secure the pants.

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