CCM Super Tacks Grip


$199.99 $219.99
SKU: 16076718

The CCM Super Tacks stick is considered to be a truly all-in-one stick, trusted Tacks performance has been taken to the next level with two distinct loading zones in a dual flex profile. The dual flex profile provides maximum loading on both wrist shot and slapshots due to different stiffness zones in the shaft.

As well, the Aculite blade is lighter than the previous version on the Ultra Tacks and uses a layup process in construction to achieve an extremely light blade while maintaining a high level of stiffness for a more accurate shot. The shaft of the stick has also been upgraded from the Ultra Tacks by adding a reinforced slash zone to increase durability. The Bumper Technology shaft adds additional material in the most vulnerable parts to achieve longer last without compromising balance or weight.

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