CCM Tacks 580 Jr.

CCM Tacks 580 Jr.

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Jumping right into the construction of the Tacks AS 580 Hockey Pants, CCM has a new max coverage anatomical shield design. ASD puts protection at the forefront, providing ultra-comfort and a customizable fit. ASD is engineered to offer the highest quality protection and comfort all in a classic fit hockey pant.

The kidney areas of the Tacks AS 580 are also well protected thanks to molded-PE caps. These caps provide elite-level impact protection, and a sublimated comfort liner will provide maximum comfort for the player.

Moving around to the back of the Tacks AS 580 Hockey Pants, players will find an exposed foam spine protector. This spine protection offers a competitive level of protection for this sensitive area. Coupled with that is a seamless transition that keeps the hip and tail pads connected for optimal comfort.

Just below the spine protection, on both sides, is where you will find the JDP hip caps. This elite level hip cap construction disperses impact force and shock away from the hip joints.

Moving to the thighs, the Tacks AS 580 Hockey Pants feature floating molded PE foam caps with PE Foam. This combination provides players with reliable protection and great mobility as well, thanks to the floating aspect of the pads.

The Tacks AS 580 Hockey Pants shell is premium 400D nylon with high abrasion resistant side panels. The pants also feature a repositioned inner leg zipper to reduce friction during crossovers, for overall improved durability.

To cap everything off, the Tacks AS 580 Hockey Pants feature an internal belt and a 1” length extending zipper. The adjustable inner belt keeps pants in place during play and helping them stay where they should. There is also a practical hidden +1” length extension which is a great for growth spurts or taller players.

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