CCM Tacks 6092 Grip


$149.99 $159.99
SKU: 16076825

The CCM Tacks 6092 sticks offer high end performance features found in the top end Super Tacks model at a more appeal price to the everyday consumer. Weighing 465 grams at full length in senior, the 6092 is offered at a 59” length in 75 and 85 flex while the 95 flex option is made 3” longer for taller players.

The shaft on the Tacks 6092 features a Bumper Technology shaft that increases the strength of the stick by adding extra material in corners. A mid-kick flex point on the stick provides an all-in-one flex profile, for great loading on all shots with a stiff taper for maximum accuracy. Moving down to the blade of the 6092, an ultra attackframe provides a lightweight blade with high torsional and bending stiffness for a more accurate shot.

The 6092 sticks provide an excellent feel and lightning quick loading no matter if you are taking a slap shot or wrist shot. 

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