CCM Tacks 9060

CCM Tacks 9060

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The Tacks 9060 Senior Hockey Stick will continue top use the same optimized mid-kick flex point we have come accustomed to in the Tacks line. The all in-one flex profile, is great for loading both wrist and slap shots due to its two different stiffness zones.

The 9060 stick will have a traditional T-Geometry shaft, for a more traditional feel with slightly squared corners.

The CCM 9060 Stick uses CCM?s Ultra ATTACKFRAME blade, to provide a lightweight blade with high torsional and bending stiffness for accurate shooting and passing.

Overall, the Tacks 9060 Hockey Stick is a great option for recreational level hockey player, providing a great price to performance ratio. While the mid-kick technology won?t disappoint no matter the shot selection.