CCM Tacks Vector Pro Jr.

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The CCM Tacks Vector Pro Hockey Gloves are a Source for Sports Exclusive product. The Vector Pro Glove is based off the CCM Tacks 9060 Hockey Gloves, with upgraded features from the Tacks 9080 Glove and the AS1 Glove. 

External Material
The CCM Vector Pro Gloves feature a Pro Selected Polyester fabric shell, an upgrade found on the Tacks 9080 Gloves. This upgrade provides the player a more durable, lightweight material.

Finger Design & Protection
The fingers on the Vector Pro Hockey Glove are protected with Dual Density Foam and PE Inserts. Coupled with a split finger design, the fingers on these gloves are not only flexibile, but offer you great coverage from sticks and pucks. 

Backhand Protection
Similar to the fingers, the backhand of the Vector Pro is constructed with Dual Density Foam and PE Inserts.