CCM Trigger Grip


$299.99 $319.99
SKU: 16078439

Revamped and ready for action the CCM Ribcor Trigger is just waiting and ready to go. Both the shaft and the blade constructions have been optimized and a Pop Matrix technology with a completely redone layup keeps the unbelievable shots coming.

The Pop Matrix technology maximizes performance by keeping performance fibers in tension while being protected by outer layers and the new layup provides and even quicker release. Complementing the Pop Matrix, a shaft with TECHNORA reinforcement is used and has aramid fibers to provide incredible durability while not compromising on performance.

The Trigger keeps a low kick point that loads easily for a quick release and has a ASY-1 flex profile with a layup that allows for an even quicker release designed by taking feedback from the pros and testing it in CCM’s performance lab. A redesigned ascent 2 blade is also featured on the stick. This blade is not only lighter to improve feel but has been optimized to provide a stiff heel and an extra stiff toe providing great release when shooting. 

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