Easton Ghost Elite GTEFP313 13"

Easton Ghost Elite GTEFP313 13"

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High School and Travel Ball players will definitely want to take notice of this Ghost Tournament Elite glove. It presents a glove to bridge the gap between the beginner gloves and the elite models of gloves!

Glove Benefits

Easton builds the shell of this Ghost Tournament Elite mitt with Diamond Pro Steer USA leather. That material will be beneficial for a player who does not quite have the hand strength of a college fastpitch player, but wants something that will stand up to some really significant use. The inside of the mitt (where the hand will go) has a supple leather lining that will feel very comfortable on the hand of the player.

This line of glove is made with the white colored leather, but it also has the blue logos + snakeskin embossing (snakeskin is found on the backing of the thumb and pinky). This just adds to the sleek color scheme and allows the mitt to "pop" a little bit when you look at it up close. 

Lastly, this mitt will be an excellent tool to have over at 1B for scooping and digging softballs out of the dirt. And to make things easier for you, the glove has the Quantum Closure System that will allow for quick and easy wrist fitting adjustments (you can even adjust it in between pitches)!