Easton M5 Qwikfit Catcher's Kit

Easton M5 Qwikfit Catcher's Kit

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Full set of Easton M5 Qwikfit Catcher's Gear: Including Helmet, Chest Protector, and Leg Guards. 

Youth Set is made for Ages 9-12 (A165395)

Junior Set is made for Ages 6-8 (A165396)

M5 Qwikfit Catcher's Helmet Features
• Easy to adjust Qwikfit 3-point strap system
• Engineered kid-fit optimizes protection, visibility, and comfort
• Super strong steel wire cage engineered to provide protection and excellent visibility
• Dual-density foam liner for shock absorption and comfort
Youth/Junior = Small 6 1/8" to 7" hat size
M5 Qwikfit Chest Protector Features
• Easy to adjust Qwikfit 2-point strap system
• Multi-layer perforation allows heat to dissipate
• Engineered ergonomic kid-fit
• Over-the-shoulder protection
• Dual-density foam with extra protection in the chest and collarbone region
Youth Age 9-12 14"
Junior Age 6-8 12"
M5 Qwikfit  Leg Guards
• Three-piece shin provides adaptability for kids of all sizes
• Anatomical and intuitive strap system includes easy-to-grab buckles and Qwikfit quick adjustement. Just click & pull!
• Perforation allows heat to dissipate
• Trublock anti-roll design creates stability in and out of the blocking position
• Double knee design
Youth Age 9-12 13.5"
Junior Age 6-8 12.5"
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