Easton Realtree SP15MKU


$149.99 $349.99
SKU: 15071435

  • Introducing the Mako Realtree for slow-pitch! Easton constructs the Mako Realtree as a 2-piece bat made out of 100% TCT Composite material.
  • TCT stands for “Thermo Composite Technology”, which allows the barrel to play soft and strong with a significant increase in overall performance.
  • Connecting the hot barrel to the 29/32” handle is Easton’s patented CXN piece, stabilizing the bat and providing incredibly energy transfer.
  • The Mako Realtree is a bat preferred by power hitters, as it has an End Loaded Swing Weight, allowing more mass to meet the ball at impact for increased hitting distances.
  • The 34”/26oz comes with a 1oz End Load, the 34"/27oz comes with a 2oz End Load, the 34”/28oz comes with a 3oz End Load & the 34”/30oz comes with a 4oz End Load.
  • This Mako Realtree has the 1.20 BPF certification and is approved by USSSA, NSA and ISA softball associations.
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