Grit Air Box Locker


$89.99 $109.99
SKU: 16078329

  • Constructed of a tough breathable nylon mesh, the AirBox allows air to travel in all directions to use the least amount of effort to dry your equipment.
  • By having a lot of air to dry your equipment, this will help fight bacteria from building up which is what causes the smell and breaks down your gear quicker.
  • Removable storage compartment dividers allow you to organize your equipment.
  • Reinforced mat for your skates to protect your blades and your bag.
  • Flexible zipper in the middle for any extra items such as your socks or tape and wax.
  • The base of the bag is water resistant for those dirty dressing rooms.
  • Also included is an Insulated beverage holder with a carry case.
  • Customization is available with a sleeve for company or team logos.
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