HEAD Kore 87 W (Bindings Included) '21

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With front side performance and all-mountain versatility in mind comes the Head Kore 87 womens skis. Built the same as the men's but with shorter sizing choices and a really nice graphic, the Kore 87 W is an ideal choice for advanced and expert lady skiers who are looking to maximize their carving potential as well as earning some much-deserved adventure credits built in. These skis are seriously light on the feet. When you flex them with your hands, they feel quite stiff, but the combination of the weight and the more dramatic tapered shape in the tips, the skis are quite playful and easily maneuverable. Built with a Karuba wood core and graphene, Koroyd, and carbon laminates, the Kore 87 W is a smooth performer. Not many skis can generate this type of power and control for being so light, and Head has really tapped into the technological side of things when it came to building this ski. From tip to tail, they've done a great job in making a ski that when you tip it on edge, it comes right around, thanks to the 14.3-meter turn radius in the longest 171 cm length. This is pretty short for a long ski, so in the shorter lengths, that turn tightens up a bit. For front side skiers who are looking for a flat ski with a ton of potential, the Head Kore 87 W is the place to be. They're incredibly fun and versatile and have an easy-turning personality that you're going to love.