Miken Freak 20th Anniversary Maxload MF20MU


SKU: 17084623

  • The Miken Freak Maxload provides a massive 14" long barrel length with an increased sweet spot, delivering on of the most forgiving bats on the market.
  • A maxload weighting provides more mass at the end of the barrel for greater pop and power potential.
  • 2-Piece Bat Construction
  • 100% Composite Design (100COMP) rest assured you're getting an amazing bat with Miken's legendary record of performance and durability that changed the game of softball
  • Triple Matrix Core + increases material volume by 15% which removes wall seams and improves the carbonized layering process to give you a HUGE sweet spot with unrivaled performance
  • F2P Technology gives the handle the best possible "flex to barrel loading", giving the hitter maximum bat head speed through during the swing
  • End-Loaded Swing Weight (Maxload)
  • 14" Barrel Length

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