Mizuno Classic Pro 11.5"


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Since 1906, the Mizuno glove masters that design Mizuno Baseball Gloves have continued to discover innovative materials and technologies that enrich the baseball and softball experience. Mizuno combines the finest materials in the world with hand craftsmanship and revolutionary designs, providing baseball players with a competitive advantage, and helping baseball players of all abilities perform at their very best on the field. 

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Ball Glove Features:

  • Throwback Leather - Rugged, rich, naturally pre-oiled leather that keeps its shape over time
  • Ultra Soft Pro - New Palm liner with excellent feeling and soft finish
  • Roll Welting - Increases structure and support throughout the fingers
  • New outline patch
  • 11.5" Infield Pattern
  • Deep III Web
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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