Mizuno Nighthawk 2016 Balanced


$199.99 $329.99
SKU: 15074651

  • Mizuno’s 100% Black Onyx Carbon composite construction
  • The Nighthawk model features Mizuno’s patented “2 PC Link™” Construction
  • By implementing an elastomer material to the stiff, composite handle prior to attaching and fusing the barrel, Mizuno has created a bat that drastically reduces vibration on miss-hits – making the Nighthawk an extremely responsive bat with an impressive sweet spot
  • The Nighthawk’s sweet spot is optimized by Mizuno’s Double Wall Technology, which stacks two composite walls to provide extra flex and trampoline effect at contact. With this trampoline effect, you can expect the Nighthawk softball bat to perform at the limit of what is allowed for its approved certifications
  • As for each end of the Nighthawk bat, the endcap is optimized to assist in reducing vibration and maintaining the evenly balanced, weight distribution throughout the bat
  • Canadian version features a 1 year warranty
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