Mizuno Prospect 11.5" GPT1150Y1


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The Prospect line of gloves from Mizuno is designed specifically for the youth player. These gloves use patented technology to help these younger players learn how to field and catch the ball correctly. Emphasizing easy closure and catching the ball in the pocket of the glove, Mizuno has done a great job developing a glove that assists youth ballplayers improve their game. With some models available in a Cowhide leather and others in Pigskin, players can choose which feels best for them without sacrificing the glove’s effectiveness.

The GPT1150Y1 is 11.5” in length and designed for all positions on the field. This glove features Mizuno’s signature closed Wave Flex web. This unique-looking web can adapt to any position on the field, which is ideal for a youth ballplayer.

The shell, palm and web are composed of a Cowhide leather, which is lightweight and durable – perfect for a youth player. The hand opening features a fastback, closed back with a Velcro strap binding. This closed backing has a cutout for the index finger, for those that prefer to keep his/her index finger on the outside of the mitt. This fastback design will keep the pocket deep and, along with the ParaShock palm pad, will protect the hand from sting on impact. The Velcro binding provides quick and easy adjustments for the hand opening, without sacrificing a secure hold. The ButterSoft lining on the inside of the glove provides an extra level of comfort for the player.

The Prospect line features many patent-pending and patented technologies to help the youth player use the glove the correct way and make it easier than ever before to secure the ball in the glove. The technologies include: Heel Flex, PowerClose, PowerLock and FlexBridge Hinge. Built into the glove, they combine to make the glove not just easier to close, but easier to close correctly around the ball. When it comes to the youth player learning the game and how to field correctly, Mizuno has gone above-and-beyond to provide a glove that will help bring a new player to the next level. The Prospect will arrive just about game ready, so there is less time breaking the glove in and more time using it to improve on fielding skills.

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