Nike Ordem 4 Premier League


SKU: 16077900

The Ordem 4 is the best Nike football ever made. Taking all the great innovations from the Ordem 1, 2 and 3, the Ordem 4 used the 3D ink to create a touch texture, which dials into the a sensitive proprioceptive 'grip' effect desired by players and giving them added confidence and control on the ball. The Flow Motion coloured graphic with the iconic 'cage' continues the great RaDaR visual signaling work.


  • AerowTrac Grooves designed in a specific pattern to provide inflight superiority
  • 3D Ink applied to the surface creates a touch texture, which dials into a sensitive proprioceptive 'boot to ball' grip effect desired by players and giving them confident ball control
  • 12 Panel Fuse-Welded Synthetic Leather casing has maximum feel and response sensitivy giving players pinnacle control in all conditions
  • Iconic Black Cage - promotes high contrast and visual power for fast sighting and decision making


  • 12 Panel Fuse Welded Football
  • Synthetic Leather Casing + 3D Ink
  • RaDaR Visual Technology
  • Aerotrace Grooves (internationally patented)
  • Carbon Latex Bladder

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