Puck Catcher Metal Carrier


SKU: 104587500011

  • flip-down ramp for gathering, storage and carrying hockey pucks.
  • Saves time at the end of practice or warm-ups with a unique flip-down ramp for a quick, convenient way to gather pucks.
  • Can be incorporated into accuracy drills.
  • Has been completely redesigned from the ground up to provide a stronger, lighter, easier to carry, more manageable puck storing and carrying solution.
  • Easy storage for over 40 pucks with a unique shape that carries comfortably against the body.
  • Strong, adjustable, shoulder carrying strap allows for comfortable hands-free transportation.
  • Has removable steel studs for traction.
  • Currently being used by thousands of teams across Canada and the United States.
  • Holds up to 40 pucks.
  • Saves time at the end of practice or warm-up.

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