Raven Ninja 47" 20 Flex YTH

Raven Ninja 47" 20 Flex YTH

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The FLEX20 by Raven Hockey was our first stick to market, It fills a large gap in the hockey market between Youth sticks and full length junior sticks. The most commanding feature of the FLEX20 is the low flex rating of 20, appropriate for the height and weight of most 5-7 year old hockey players who have learned to shoot with a Youth stick and are ready to move into a Junior stick.

The FLEX20 is the shortest junior shaft/blade combination available; at 47" long and 20 flex this is the perfect stick for players under 52" tall.

Most youth sticks have a shaft too narrow to allow for correct puck control and cutting several inches off a typical junior stick will increase the stiffness negatively affecting passing and shooting.

The FLEX20 is the only stick in hockey with a flex low enough to correctly fit players who weigh less than 50 pounds. And we are so sure you'll love it that we provide a 60-day warranty. Also available in Limited Edition Ninja Model.

Shaft: Matte Grip,

Blade: 3K Carbon

Pattern: L88