Raven Ninja III 40


SKU: 17084556

The new 2018 Raven Edge Ninja GEN3 40 Flex Hockey Stick is loaded with all new performance upgrades! The new 25x Blackmond carbon pattern will deliver more power transfer and velocity to the puck with less vibration and minimized twisting or blade “opening” during a shot. While it has all this slick new carbon, Raven has kept the same pro feel. The 25x Blackmond prepreg is ultra light weight and thin performance carbon, the Raven Ninja III is far lighter than anything on the market. The Ninja III will sell itself on feel and performance.

  • Newest model of the Raven Stick (2018-2019 Design)
    • Extremely limited edition and rare NINJA model
  • Built for ultimate performance with 25x Blackmond carbon
  • Flex: 40 Flex
  • Lie: 5.5
  • Extremely light at only 290 grams!
  • Height: 56"
  • Curves Available:
    • C19 Backstrom
    • C88 Kane 

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