Rawlings GGC HOH PRO-GOLDYVII 11.75"

  • $399.99
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  • Exclusive RGGC launch is the PRO-GOLDYV11.
  • This Heart of the Hide glove was meticulously crafted from our ultra-premium steer-hide leather for the same quality and performance your favorite players demand.

  •  The 7th generation of the Rawlings Gold Glove Club exclusive Goldy gloves

  • 11 ¾” glove is perfect for infielders

  • Constructed from Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide® leather

  • Split Single Post web offers increased stability and secures the ball in the web while preventing the ball from bouncing out

  • Unique gold accents featured on the finger backs of the glove

  • Features a sherry and gold embossed patch logo

  • This glove is exclusive to the Rawlings Gold Glove Club Members.
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