Reebok 9K


$29.99 $89.99
SKU: 136027600012

This lacrosse attack head is designed for the elite player looking to score. The 9K offers a Pro-Offset design that gives excellent ball control and protection allowing optimum load for shooting. A tightly grooved and engraved sidewall makes the head one of the lightest and most stylish on the market. The Pro-Pinched profile is optimum for ball control and reduces ball rattle. A rounded scoop makes getting ground balls easy and the scooped head construction allows for multiple pocket locations and an extremely quick release. The narrowed V-shaped scoop keeps the ball channeled when shooting and passing creating more accuracy. Multiple stringing holes combine with a strung pre-formed hard mesh pocket to enable you to create any string job you can imagine with a pocket that allows for a quick release and harder shots. The time to reign is now with the Reebok 9K Unstrung Head. Meets new NCAA lacrosse head specs.


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