Salomon Quest Access 70


$299.99 $350.00
SKU: 120560590022

The Salomon Quest Access 70 makes a great ski boot for the true beginner to mellow intermediate that has a medium to wide foot, and medium to wide leg shape. The 24mm Oversized Pivot on the Quest Access 70 connects the upper cuff to the lower shell and directs power directly to the edges of your skis for additional control and edging power. Salomon's Ride and Hike Technology gives you a switch located on the back spine of the boot that can be flipped up to increase the amount of rearward mobility in the cuff to allow you easy walking though the plaza to the chairlift in the morning. The Quest Access 70 has the My Custom Fit Comfort Liner that has Woolmetal Insulation to keep your toes warmer on the mountain. Woolmetal is a blend of wool and metallic polyester that has fantastic insulating properties. The 104mm last of the Quest Access 70 accommodates all but the absolute widest of feet comfortably. Salomon's Easy Entry Overlap uses a softer plastic over the instep of the foot that allows your foot to slide into and out of the boot very easily. If you have a medium to wide foot shape and leg shape, and want a boot that will be easy to walk in, the Salomon Quest Access 70 will be a great option for you.


  • Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot and Medium to Wide Leg Shape
  • Ride & Hike Technology
  • 24mm Oversized Pivot
  • Woolmetal Insulation
  • Easy Step In Overlap
  • 35mm Strap

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