True AX9 Int

True AX9 Int

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The True AX9 Hockey Stick is the supreme choice for players in pursuit of lightning-quick, explosive shots, in a lightweight design.

By dispersing low-density nanoparticles throughout the blade and shaft, the 2020 ASERIES yields great overall durability while reducing weight and optimizing balance. 

FiberShield formula which yields consistent particle distribution and stiffness, as well as lighter carbon tow weaves, True produced a lighter, more responsive stick than its predecessor.

Quick Release

With a flex point near the hosel in the bottom third of the shaft, players experience effortless energy loading and an explosive release.

- Increased Durability: The improved BRT+ technology extends the braided rib structure into heel, improving durability while reducing wall thickness and producing a lighter more responsive blade.

- Unparalleled Control: The industry-leading Axenic process results in a seamless build, putting the player's hands in direct contact with the puck and when combined with our XCORE Gen 2 technology, producing unmatched control and feel.

- Ultimate Feel: A process by which fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. The SmartPly process creates the perfect marriage between weight, balance, and industry-leading impact strength.

- Unmatched Accuracy: The repositioned and redesigned XCORE Gen 2 insert provides increase absorption, dampening the impact for greater puck control when stick handling and receiving passes. The larger insert provides platers with a wider sweet spot, for unmatched puck control and shooting.

- Optimized Power: A design process by which a stick's stiffness profile is optimized for all shot types. The result is a more powerful shot from any shooting position.

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