True Catalyst M16 Pro Jr.

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The TRUE Catalyst M16 JR Hockey Gloves are based on Toronto Maple Leaf’s very own Mitch Marner’s glove style. Also taking inspiration from the TRUE Catalyst 5X, the Catalyst M16 features a tapered fit, premium nylon exterior, and additionally an upgraded nash palm and overlay and shot blocker on the backhand. TRUE also added some Marner embroidery on the Royal colour model of the glove.

External Material
The Catalyst M16 glove features an exterior made of premium nylon over a hard shell. The use of this material extends the life of the gloves and protects them from general wear and tear.

Finger Design & Protection
The gloves use 20mm EPP with PE inserts to reinforce the protective properties of the glove. Each piece is carefully crafted to maximize protection of the fingers for any situation on the ice.

Backhand Protection
The back of the hand also uses 20mm EPP with PE inserts. In addition, a shot blocker padding has been added on the back, which gives ideal protection for general use and skirmishes in front of the net or high up near the blue line.

Thumb Design
The Catalyst M16 hockey gloves use a redesigned two-piece thumb style, created from the ground up for the Catalyst line. This restructuring includes reinforced backing, high-grade plastic for better resilience, and a firmer fit around your thumb.

Cuff Design
The cuff is designed for protection and flexibility. Like the rest of the Catalyst line, it features a five-piece cuff design with a molded cuff to give the user more freedom of movement.

Palm Material & Gussets
The palm was upgraded from the Catalyst 5X to a higher quality tan nash material, designed to help the wearer grip more and absorb moisture better.

These gloves use an antimicrobial liner that prevents bacterial build up and keeps the gloves fresher and cleaner for longer.