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True Catalyst Pro

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Size: 65:TC2:L
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Regular price $129.99
Regular price $349.99 Sale price $129.99

Stick Flex Profile
The Catalyst Pro features a mid flex zone for maximum potential in your shot. The stiff taper makes it easy to control the puck.

Shaft Construction
The square corner and double concave style geometry helps with puck control, as does the soft gloss grip. The addition of Axenic one-piece technology means the weight of the stick has been distributed evenly throughout, balancing it and effectively making it lighter. The balancing works with the mid kick point to strengthen shot power while requiring minimal effort from the user. With its construction, the Catalyst Pro is perfect for the stay-at-home defenseman or two-way forward looking to take shots from further out.

Blade Construction & Stiffness
The blade uses various TRUE innovations, including PASS and all-new BAT technology. PASS increases the strength of the blade by 25% above their previous XCORE tech, which means the blade is more durable and longer lasting. BAT technology was integrated for the first time in the 2021 Catalyst series, evolving from TRUE’s previous BRT+ tech. The blade is built with lower density Aramid fibers instead of carbon, meaning it is stronger, softer, much lighter, and much more consistent.

The Catalyst series debuted just this season, introducing brand new graphics into the market. The Catalyst Pro specifically went a step further in their own graphic design, going for a full black colouration with silver accents, compared to the previous iterations, which used gold and black colours. The overall change gives the stick a very clean and sharp presentation.

The Catalyst Pro features a soft gloss grip shaft, allowing for a strong hold on the stick.