True L20.2 Custom Domestic

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FRS – Fast Rotation System

  • Provides the feeling of being connected to the pad, resulting in much more reactive pad with better rotation and higher level of stability in the butterfly position.

No Leg and Boot Channel

  • More freedom for your ankle and skate when transitioning into the butterfly

Flat Face

  • Better rebound control vs knee rolls

HD Foam Along the Five Hole and the Knee Stack

  • Offers a better seal along the ice.

Sits Higher on Your Skate Boot (90 degree foot angle)

  • Gives you the opportunity to keep your feet wider in your stance, resulting in a shorter distance for your knee to hit the ice.
  • Provides a much better attack angle for your power pushes and faster
  • movement.

These pads were designed to sit close to the leg while allowing the ankle to move more freely. They sit higher on the skates to ensure greater flexibility when moving from one position to another. A brand new (patent pending) fast rotation system (FRS) at the calf makes them incredibly responsive and offers the stability needed to drop into the butterfly position. These cutting-edge, high-performance pads are designed to meet your needs, now and in the future

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