True Project X Grip

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  • The Project X stick from TRUE is the lightest stick on the market at 355 grams for the senior model.
  • A new layering process the engineers at TRUE Hockey were able to reduce the weight of the Project X while maintaining impact resistance.
  • Precision Laminate Design, or PLD, is the technology that features up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft, and the fiber angles are exactingly fine-tuned.
  • Optimizing the arrangement of this ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, the engineers at TRUE were able to both reduce the weight and increase the strength of the Project X.
  • TRUE uses the same Axenic technology to mold the shaft and blade seamlessly in one-piece for the best possible puck feel while stick handling, shooting and receiving a pass.
  • The Project X stick also has the BRT+ blade that combines with the low kick point to provide effortless shot loading and a quick release to add speed to your snap shot and wrist shot.
  • The TRUE Project X Stick is a limited edition stick that is built with pro-inspired features for the elite-level hockey player.
  • If you are looking for the lightest stick on the market that features a low kick point and effortless loading, as well as strong impact resistance, check out the TRUE Project X.