True XC9 ACF 20 GEN 2 Yth

True XC9 ACF 20 GEN 2 Yth

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ACF stands for Accuracy-Control-Feel, three things that all players look for in a stick. The shaft of the XC9 features SmartPly technology, unidirectional layering process during construction of the stick that combines up to 25 layers of carbon in a single shaft. This process helps to create a blend of balance and weight and industry leading strength.

Working in unison with this technology, a process known as Axenic Technology combines a compression molded shaft into a true one-piece construction. A process so revolutionary it earned a US patent. The walls of the shaft thin as they move toward the top, while the blade laminates build thickness back up resulting in excellent balance with a minimal overlap of materials.

The blade of the True XC 9 is also special, Braided Rib technology produces a far longer lasting and more consistent blade with up to 50% more strength. Seamless braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade reduce torsion. As well, True's XCore blade produces up to 30% more puck spin when shooting which results in a clean and flat puck trajectory and unmatched accuracy.

The sticks also incorporate SmartFlex Technology, this provides a medium kick point with an optimized stiffness profile that, when combined with the BRT blade technology, delivers power from any shooting position. The shaft of the stick becomes progressively stiffer towards the blade to hold the energy load and explode power and accuracy when it reaches the puck. With a matte grip finish and a double concave shaft shape, the XC9 ACF sticks will quickly become your favorite.