Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Cosmetic Second


$699.99 $1,199.99

  • Cosmetic second appearance on back side of pads
  • Velocity graphic with visually disruptive stripes
  • Solid inside knee drive block
  • Smooth inside edge for easy movement on ice
  • Lower profile outside roll
  • Thin front face cushion foam for more puck action
  • Top thigh rise creates more blocking surface
  • Large inside landing area for great balance and movement
  • Full 11” width
  • Single break outside roll
  • Full pro core internal padding with high-density front surface
  • Stiffer ankle break area
  • Adjustable and removable outer knee cradle pad
  • Wide knee with knee strap that has two position options
  • Center calf strap with wider adjustment area
  • Thin profile outer side panel
  • Magnetic buckle quick attach system

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