Warrior Covert QR Edge


SKU: 18086554

The Warrior QR Edge Stick is the premier model in the Covert lineup. For players that prefer a low kick point stick, the Covert line has been a favourite for years. Quick load times and explosive release is the name of the game.

The QR Edge features a brand new Edge angular taper. The design was developed to push more flex energy through the bottom of the shaft to maximize pop. The stick is extremely easy to load, meaning you can get a quick snapshot off whether you're weaving through traffic or slightly off balance. No need to power up, just snap your wrists, and the stick technology does the rest.

We see a few familiar technologies and materials in this QR Edge build. The True 1 Phantom construction is a carryover feature and helps keep the stick responsive and boosts puck feel when stickhandling. We all aim to play heads-up hockey and being able to feel the puck on your stick without looking is key.

Another carryover is the Pro CorTex Grip. This textured Tactile Grip coating means you'll have terrific control late in the game when your gloves are a bit damp. The last thing you want is your hands slipping and your blade twisting late in the game.

The QR Edge is constructed with top-tier carbon composite. Minimus Carbon 1200 is exactly what you want in an elite stick. Ultra-lightweight, well-balanced, and responsive. The performance benefits from a high-end carbon are key ingredients when building performance stick, and the Minimus Carbon 1200 is top of the line technology.

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