Warrior Mako Junior


SKU: 16075251

Warrior's First Ever YOUTH Lacrosse stick. Built for all of you little laxers out there!!! This downsized lacrosse stick is built for younger players as they try out lacrosse for the first time. It has a smaller diameter handle that has been cut down to fit younger players hand size and overall height. Fits regular sized ball (sponge ball recommended).

Mako Head Features:

  • Patented Offset Technology creates a lowered pocket that generates extra power on shots and more ball control
  • Complete Sticks Only - handles have smaller diameter and have been cut down for younger players
  • Available Pockets: Soft Mesh Only
  • No Warranty

Alloy 6000 Attack Shaft Features:

  • Comes standard on all Warrior complete sticks
  • Made from new upgraded Alloy 6000, it's perfectly balanced for extraordinary players who want a basic, workhorse handle

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