Warrior Max Warp Pro Complete

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The Max Warp Pro pairs the consistency of the warp pocket with the strength of a Max head to offer an elite defensive head capable of throwing punishing checks and delivering consistent outlet passes with ease. MAX technology reinforces key areas to dramatically increase stiffness and durability. This is mixed with SymRail symmetrical sidewall that reduces weight and adds stability by shaving the inner sidewalls to match the outer sidewalls.

Loc-Throat technology that is now a part of the new Warrior heads provides secure head/handle attachment that is rattle free. As the head is screwed onto the shaft, the Loc -Throat flares out to provide both internal and external pressure for a secured fit. This head is not compatible with certain shafts that are solid by the screw holes. Check before buying.

Now offered with Whip Level 2 or Whip Level 4 with Tru Offset, the Max Warp Pro either offers a quick release with low whip, helping make clearing passes more accurate and consistent, or longer hold with a higher whip to control the ball better on clears and generate more power when taking the ball to the goal. Warrior's Tru Offset allows for a deeper Warp pocket and better ball control.

Fitted on a new Warrior Regulator carbon fiber defense shaft that offer top of the line durability on a strong and lightweight frame, the Warrior Max Warp Pro Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick is perfect for a defender looking for a stick that offers maximum strength and stiffness with a consistent pocket capable of delivering nasty checks and perfect clears every single time.

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