Warrior QRE Krypto Pro


SKU: 180870590082

The Warrior Krypto Pro sticks are a Source for Sports exclusive model based on the Covert QRL3 stick with a custom graphic exclusive to stores within our buying group. A Minimus Carbon 600 blend of fibers make up the shaft and blade of the stick and offers a high strength yet lightweight composite in a flat weave design. The flat fiber provides a 12K high modulus and is extremely lightweight to enhance the construction technology. Moving down the stick, a Dagger Taper III hosel provides a unique thin and strong profile that creates a low-kick flex point that is easy to load for a lightning quick release. The Kypto Pro sticks also feature a pro CorTex grip which couples a textured surface with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum control. The senior models are also available in non-grip.

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