Warrior Ritual V3 E Senior Goalie Stick

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Regular price $149.99
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Warrior Goalie unleashes the newest version of the Ritual line of goalie sticks; introducing the Warrior Ritual V3 E Senior Goalie Stick!

Starting with the materials, the Warrior Ritual V3 E Senior Goalie Stick is composed of super lightweight Minimus Carbon, designed to balance value and performance. Behind that, Warrior uses TwinSpar paddle reinforcements for improved stability.

Combining two key designs, the Warrior Ritual V3 E has infused VibexLite which is a vibration reduction technology which reduces the sting that can sometimes happen on composite sticks. On top of that, HiFused construction within the paddle creates specific flex for the modern goaltender. HiFused construction helps provide an easy loading mid-flex profile which is integral for maximizing shooting power. Now, goaltenders can rim pucks off the glass or make tape to tape passes with ease.

On top of these technologies, Warrior has continued using their Slide Grip technology at the shoulder and shaft. The Ritual V3 E stick is outfitted with a clear gloss coating combined with a vertically ribbed texture along the entire shaft of the stick providing the fasted sliding finish. On the handle of the stick, the Slide Grip technology has strategically placed gloss grip and raised grid textures to provide grip where you need it. Additionally, An all new Impact Fiber layer throughout the shaft brings increased durability at the top of the stick.