Wilson A900 WTA09RB20125 12.5"

Wilson A900 WTA09RB20125 12.5"

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Wilson A900 12.5" Outfield Baseball Glove WTA09RB20125

Show out with diving catches with the Wilson A900 125. The Wilson A900 12.5” is a great outfield glove for those young elite players. With and Old School look this glove is ready for game action. It is game ready do to the fact it is a full leather construction that forms to your hand. Designed with a single post web to create a deep pocket to secure the catch on those flyballs. Made with a Double Palm Construction in the A900 gives it the right amount of stability with flex. Bring homeruns back for outs with the A900 125.

• 125.” Outfield model-perfect for Outfielders

• Single post web- Great to secure those flyballs

• British Tan & Black coloring

• Deep pocket- great for flyballs

• Full Leather Construction

• Game Ready Easy Break in

• Low Profile Heel- great for tough hops

• Double Palm Construction-Maximum pocket stability

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