Winnwell AMP500

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Regular price $42.99
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Built for entry or experienced level players, the Winnwell AMP500 shoulder pads are the perfect shoulder pads for all players of all skill levels. With all the key features you need in a shoulder pad. The AMP500 elbow pad is the perfect mix of performance and affordability.

Shoulder Caps

The AMP500 senior shoulder pads feature a covered cap construction.

Sternum & Spinal Protection

With injuries on the rise, Winnwell has made sure you are covered when it comes to protection of your sternum and spine. The front sternum protector is made from HD foam and features a PE (plastic) insert. The rear spinal protector is made from mid-density foam and also features a PE insert.

Front & Back Panels

Just like the spinal protector, the panels around the kidneys and sides are made from mid-density foam which provides great protection and great mobility. 

Odour Control

Winnwell equipment features patented CleanSport NXT technology that kills bacteria that causes odour with a specially treated fabric. The fabric contains beneficial microbe and enzyme systems that digest the sweat and odour instead of just masking it. It's guaranteed to work for the lifetime of the equipment.