Worth Liberty Jeff Hall SBLIBJ


$199.99 $349.99
SKU: 16077010

  • Jeff Hall Signature Series
  • End-Loaded Swing Weight (Reload)
  • STIC (Superior Tack-Infused Carbon) - Worth's proprietary epoxy coating blended with the outer 100% carbon fiber barrel creates a tacky hitting surface that aids a player in "cutting" a ball, providing additional ball distance and carry.
  • 220 Advantage – Tuned to maximize performance and durability
  • CF100 Tech – 100% Carbon Fiber Barrel provides a lighter weight, more durable barrel for unmatched performance
  • True 1 Tech – True one-piece barrel create a seamless barrel, increasing durability and performance
  • Flex 50 Technology - Ultra-thin Flex 50 handle for unmatched whip and feel
  • 13.5" Barrel
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