Bauer Vapor X5 Pro INT

  • $249.99
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X5 Pro: For goalies ready to take the next big step.

Built to help you continue to grow as a goalie and take your game to the next level. X5 Pro gear features performance-driven innovations that help create a customized feel, keep you light on your skates, and take the next step towards becoming show-stopping goalie.

A goalie stick worthy of your talent and aspirations. The Bauer X5 Pro is the first performancelevel stick with PentaGrip, separating you from the competition right away. Featuring Vapor geometry at a lower price point, the X5 Pro is a reliable choice for every goalie looking to make an impact.

PENTAGRIP Top price-point Vapor raised grip is introduced at the second pricepoint for the first time. Provides a more ergonomic and comfortable grip
SHORT SHAFT CONSTRUCTION Vapor geometry with standard shorter shaft for playability and control

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